Set Up a New Account

The library may allow you to register for a library account online if you are at least 13 years old. You then receive a temporary barcode number that you can use to request materials and do other operations online, but not to check out materials. Once your registration has been confirmed by library staff, you receive a permanent account number and you can check out materials.

When you set up your new account, you select a library branch for your home library. This library’s policies determine what account functions, such as checking out certain materials, renewing items, or placing a request, are available to you. If you place a request for materials, you usually pick them up at this library unless you specify a different location.

Follow these steps to set up your new library account.

1. Click My Record or Log In/Register on the My Account menu.

The log-in form is displayed.

2. Click here to register now.

The home library selection form is displayed.

3. Select a home library. The branch you select becomes your registered library branch.

If your library requires a registration fee, you see an alert message. You can cancel your registration or continue. If you choose to continue, the registration fee is added to your new account when your registration is completed. If your library accepts online credit card payments, you can pay the fee online (go to My Account, Fines & Fees). Otherwise, you will need to pay the fee at the library before you can check out items.

4. Enter your country and postal code:

• If you live in the U.S.A., type your five-digit U.S. Zip Code in the Postal Code box.

• If you live in Canada, click the country box, select Canada, and type your Canadian postal code in the Postal Code box. Type the postal code in the format A1A 2B2. You must include the space between the two groups of characters. Do not type a hyphen between the two groups of characters.

• If you live outside the U.S.A. or Canada, click the country box and select Other.

5. Click Continue.

If more than one city is associated with your postal code entry, the city screen appears. Select the correct city or city/county combination and click Continue.

The registration form is displayed. Boxes marked with an asterisk * are required.


Phone numbers - Type your telephone area code, prefix, and number in the Phone 1 box. You can type any additional numbers in the remaining Phone boxes. If your library delivers notices, receipts, or other messages by text message and you want to receive text messages, select TXT for the phone number that should receive the messages, and select your carrier for that phone number.

E-mail address - Type your e-mail address if you want the library to have your e-mail address for notices and other messages. You can specify plain text format, if you prefer, after your account is set up.

Birth date - Type your birth date in this format: month (two digits), day (two digits), and year (four digits) in the appropriate boxes.

Notification preference - If the library offers this feature, select your preferred method for receiving notices about your requests and overdue items, or other communications from the library. If you select e-mail, you must supply an e-mail address. If you select phone, you must select the phone number from those you supplied in the Phone boxes. If you select TXT, you must click the TXT button for the phone number that should receive text messages, and select your carrier for that number.

Ereceipts - If you would like to receive receipts (such as check-out and renewal receipts) by e-mail, text message, or both, select an eReceipt option. If you select e-mail, you must provide an e-mail address. If you select text message, you must select TXT for the phone number that should receive the receipts, and select your carrier for that phone number.

You can select one phone number only for text messages (notices and receipts).

6. (Optional) If your library offers this feature, type a user name in the Username box. You can supply your user name instead of a library account number to log in. (You always need a password.)

The user name must be a minimum of 4 alpha-numeric characters, not more than 50 characters, and cannot contain spaces. It must begin with an alpha character. The following special characters are also allowed: - (dash), _ (underscore), . (period), and @ (at). The user name must not contain two special characters adjacent to each other.

7. Type a password.

The password must be a minimum of 4 characters and a maximum of 16. You can use capital letters, lowercase letters, and numbers, but not special keyboard characters or spaces.

Your library may require numbers only.

8. Type the same password in the Verification box.

If the passwords do not match, a message is displayed. Type the password in the Password and Verification boxes again.

9. Click Submit.

A message displays a temporary barcode you can use until the library issues your permanent account number.